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We all have a story

I remember asking my grandfather about the best moment in his life. We were in his kitchen and he was cooking lamb chops for dinner, but he paused and put a hand to his chin.

‘Well, that could the be moment your father was born.’ He nodded as if to confirm this and then stopped. ‘No,’ he said. ‘It was the moment that your grandmother first deigned to give me a kiss.’

I will always remember that and wished I had asked him more. Why didn’t I write it down?

He would have said he had an ordinary life. It didn’t seem ordinary to me. He ran away to the First World war when he was 16, and I used to touch the dent in his skull, where he had been shot. But just an ordinary life.

Anyone who has traced their family tree and wondered who those names were, how they spent their days, what they dreamed of and worried about will know the value of writing it down for those who follow.

I love to capture stories which I can write and publish for the family.

If you are interested, please contact me.

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19 Rainbow cr. Sunrise beach, Qld.

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